Sunday, May 07, 2006

"There's no accounting for taste"

In what seemed suspiciously like a nose-tweaking rebuke to the led lefty blogosphere trumpeting of Steve Colbert's performance at the White House correspondents' dinner on April 29th, both Chris Matthews and Tim Russert had special features about Steve Bridges on their Sunday morning shows on May 7th. Bridges is the Bush 'look alike' whose five minute skit preceded Colbert's performance.

On 'Meet the Press', Russert actually had Steve Bridges on the show and interviewed him for 15 full minutes. Utterly ridiculous. Chris Matthews grinningly proclaimed that Bridges was much funnier than Colbert. I agree that I'm sure many people would find the 'look alike' skit funnier than Colbert's performance, especially those in the main stream media who were prime targets of Colbert's venom.

What Colbert delivered to Bush and the MSM that night were hammer blows of the anger that most of us are feeling, cloaked in the buttery velvet of mocking satire. The receiver of this type of attack can either 1.) Believe the 'act' and appear the dupe, 2.) remove the 'cloak' and address the valid arguments head-on (not a good idea in this case), or as was done all week in the MSM, 3.) declare the whole thing not funny or, better yet, not entertaining.

What Bridges delivered was cotton candy.

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