Thursday, May 04, 2006

Not an Option - A Duty

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"Decide. Announce. Type it up. Run spell check. Go home."
I believe there's volumes to be said about the fact that a solid majority of the electorate want easy black and white answers to questions that we as the most economically powerful nation in the world face. One explanation for Bush's prior popularity was his quip that "I don't do nuance". Well, unfortunately, that's how most people prefer to operate - the MSM included. The MSM would prefer not to try to sell something that their viewers/readers don't want to buy in the first place. What too many of them don't understand is that this isn't an option for them, it's their duty.
Much has been also been said about this administration's use of fear as a tool. However, this administration also plays to a couple of other base traits: laziness and greed. Liberalism was at it's best when it challenged the American people to do better - together: Labor reform, the New Deal, the Marshall Plan, the Great Society, Civil Rights and the list goes on. The message was that some sacrifice today will make us a better nation tomorrow. Today, the long view doesn't exist and even when it seems like it does, there's no substance and never a price to be paid today. Hollow promises. No leadership.
Choosing to believe lies out of sheer convenience when we know the real truth, makes us no better than the ones telling the lies.

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