Monday, September 24, 2007


Conservatives may claim that, unlike liberals, they have backbone. In reality, liberals have backbone also, the difference is we choose to use the brain that rests atop it.

On Monday, Sept. 24 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got to speak at Columbia University. Shortly after stepping onto the stage, he would surely regret it. While close minded, lock-step conservatives and strutting chicken hawks, from the once admired John McCain to the unintelligent cesspool that is Rush Limbaugh, screamed bloody murder about Ahmadinejad being allowed to speak at Columbia, Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia, had different plans. See video below of his opening remarks before Ahmadinejad spoke:

What the McCains, Limbaughs and FoxNews-philes of the world don't understand in their limited black and white intellectual spheres, is that by letting someone talk freely, doesn't mean you agree with them. Indeed, sometimes the more you let someone like Ahmadinejad speak, the more of an idiotic, lying despot they appear. You'd have thought the Republicans would have figured that out after six years of Bush.

Lee Bollinger called Ahmadinejad out - to his face, by the way - not by blathering into a TV studio camera or a radio microphone. In case anyone forgot, Bollinger's pointed, stern, yet humble closing remark is what real intellectual leadership looks like. This video is from YouTube, we should hope it gets many millions of hits in Mr. Ahmadinejad's home country.


kathryn said...

100% right on! It's the bigger picture here... By granting this backassed tyrant the opportunity to experience free speech isn't fun, but it is an invaluable right of living here, right? Did you read that they have no homosexuals in Iran according to Ahmadinejad? Fascinating! And I must have been mistaken to think that women in Iran are completely free to do/say whatever and living a life without persecution! Let him keep talking! I'm guessing (maybe wrongly)that he's digging himself into a propaganda hole even his terrorist cronies find annoying..

KML said...

Absolutely right! There is nothing more entertaining (and educating) then listening to a condesending jackass toot his own horn and ni doing so, making everyone within earshot aware of exactly how far off skue his own beliefs are. Keep talking, everyone needs a good laugh!